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After many years working in different production environments like concerts, festivals, even in corporate events, I realized that the production is working on the same way with the same complexity and the same troubles.

 The organization of the internal team from the phase of the pre production, the hierarchy and the stability of the team is one of the pillars of every production, the person responsible for the budgets should be the best one to be able to accomplish the production with the pre-assigned budget but is not always in this way.

 Many over cost, troubles and last hours surprises are the normal day work in production, and because of that we should learn how to minimize and structure our production because it doesn´t matter if we are filming a mainstream super production or our graduation problem, one little over cost is able to cause a project interruption and the end of the shooting leaving us without our beloved movie.

 In our course we are going to learn how to make a team structure, what should be the profile of each one making the differences about the qualifications, professional profiles and psychological and non-written rules.

Once we have our team conformed, we are going to learn the production budget. In the cinema the budget is totally different than other disciplines because is distributed differently. We are going as well to learn how to distribute the percentages regarding caution, insurance, marketing and distribution, because even the small projects should be presented in the best way.

When we finish the budget is the moment to start working in the daily workflow, how to organize the team, how to reduce unnecessary cost and how to optimize the catering, the transport and the material expenses who are one of the biggest inconvenient now a days. In general we are going to learn a good planning.

In the end of the course we will study the health and security measures that should be mandatory in all of our projects. Part of our job as a producer is to prevent accidents in the set. First of all because we don´t want to anybody gets hurts but as well because the accidents are one of the main over cost of every single production, this is why this part of the subject is one of the most important ones.

The cinema is one of the biggest industries around the world, it has a very different economic and legal system as it is necessary to merge the author rights with the civil law and the labor code. The differences between Droit d ́autheur and Copyright system makes the whole process a little bit more.

In this semester students will be able to understand the differences between two authorship models, i.e. Europe and USA. Students will learn an analytic way to understand all contracts, will be dealing with contracts for all the team, co-productions, distribution etc.

The contractual lectures will be divided in two parts, first theoretical and second practical. The practical part will content of actual contract writing done by the students. This way we will achieve the best possible understanding of the whole process.For the above reasons I decided to make two entire sections dedicated to contracts. First section will be dedicated to contracts and rights acquisition applying to people who are protected by the authorship rights. After that we will study contracts related to people who are not protected by those rights.

For a successful film production is also vitally important to understand the hierarchy and to be able to construct a solid budget that will “take care” of any little details and unpleasant surprises as those always appear during cinema production.

During this semester the students will make a budget for a small production to be able to understand the basics of the budgeting discipline. In general this course was thought to give the students a big panorama of the financial, budgeting and legal aspects regarding the filmmaking.

We will work with contract samples, we will make the structure for a production work environment and business plan to teach the students how to get founds for their productions.

Expectations and Goals: the main expectation for this semester is to give the students an opportunity to read and understand a contract, write basic contracts, think in economic way and be able to present their own projects for financial